WARNING: Birth Control Recalled Due to Error That Could Result in a Surprise Pregnancy

I’m sure you’ve heard someone say this before after finding out that they are pregnant: “But I was on birth control!” I mean, you’d think that you are playing it safe if you’re on birth control, right? Well, as I’m sure many Hot Moms know, that’s not always the case. Nature likes to play tricks on us. And of course, getting pregnant isn’t always a direct science. There’s no formula that can get you instantly pregnant. We know that.

With that being said though, reports have indicated that there is a recall alert for a popular brand of birth control that might result in an unexpected pregnancy (as if you’re not dealing with enough drama in your personal life already!). Unfortunately a manufacturing mistake might result in a lot of hospital births nine months from now.

birth control
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Here’s what you need to know about this

latest recall alert!

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