Bionime something anyone with or associated with Diabetes should read!!!

Bionime something anyone with or associated with Diabetes should read!!!

Diabetes is on the rise in this country, including gestational diabetes: Recent reports have shown that inaccurate blood glucose testing meters being sold are leading to poor health care.  Although diabetes can be very manageable, the accuracy of the glucose testing meters is vital.










Not all products are the same – so much so that the range can give a false sense of sugar control OR a false need for insulin.  The FDA held hearings this past March to consider the need for making these guidelines stricter, and Bionime presented data showing the need for stricter guidelines, as well as how Bionime itself is already able to meet hospital accuracy standards.  Bionime is one of the few BGM products on the markets that exceeds the highest standard of accuracy and precision, with low lot to lot variances.  This means that diabetics get the RIGHT information with every test, especially important in this economy where patients have to watch their spending closely.  Bionime offers a complete line of products to meet the specific needs of various diabetics

GM 100 Smallest, sleekest, Requires no coding, Easy-to-read screen, One of the lowest CVs in the industry.  Patented, large-sized rigid test stripes, adding to its ease of use and less waste.  Pricing- Meters and strips range in the low $20’s (possibly less than your insurance co-pay)

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