Bindi Irwin Shocks Everyone on Dancing with the Stars– While Dancing Blindfolded!

Bindi Irwin can literally do this dance stuff blindfolded.

Irwin wowed the Dancing with the Stars judges by performing a flawless Viennese waltz blindfolded, earning perfect 10s.

“This dance has meant so much and it’s so beautiful,” Irwin, 17, said. “The energy feels so good that I can’t stop shaking every time I do it.”

Derek Hough admitted he  put a lot of pressure on himself after the couple faltered last week. During the video presentation that played ahead of the dance, Hough revealed he was feeling frustrated and like he was letting his star down.

“It was all kind of blowing up, and I felt so bad for him,” Irwin said in the video presentation that played before the dance.

Those perfect 10s probably helped brighten Hough’s mood.


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