No Biggy By Elycia Rubin Is A Must Read!

No Biggy By Elycia Rubin Is A Must Read!

We love this book and know parents will truly appreciate the message of No Biggy!  It’s about dealing with frustration; something both kids and grown-ups know all too well.

Author Elycia Rubin’s daughter Kayla inspired the book during what she called the “totally awesome twos.” Whenever she’d get frustrated over a number of familiar scenarios, like getting dressed by herself, working on a puzzle, spreading peanut butter on toast … she practiced taking a deep breath, saying No Biggy! and trying again.

As a result, No Biggy! had become and continues to be an incredibly helpful tool in her family, and for countless friends and colleagues.  The message applies to everyone, regardless of age – looking at frustration in the face and managing it in a productive and sometimes even playful manner.

It is already a favorite among celebrity moms including Jamie Pressly, Julie Bowen, Shakira, and more and  endorsed by experts including, Dr. Cara Natterson – New York Times bestselling author of The Care And Keeping Of You, Dr. Jeremy Shapiro – partner at Boulevard Pediatrics, and Penni Seller – Psy.D.,LMFT Child Development/Parent Education Specialist.

No Biggy By Elycia Rubin
No Biggy By Elycia Rubin

You can purchase No Biggy! on Amazon ( a portion of the sales go to the charity, Hike It Up .



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