Big Boys Back Pack For $217 ~ Would You Spend That On A Backpack?

I am sitting here with a week to go before my kids go back to school and while I know I am late to the shopping spree time, I am perplexed by the items I am finding.

I love to buy the kids new back to school backpacks and pencils and folders and clothes. But, $217 for a Stella McCartney Kids

‘Bang’ Superhero Backpack (Big Boys)?  Is it handpainted? Is it hand-stitched? Does she bring you the backpack?  I don’t mind splurging but, I also don’t think it is really that special and or does it come with a matching lunch box? Or even the butler to bring it to your child ~

Tell me, what is the one item for your kids back to school that you will splurge on?


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