Beyoncé Casually Went To Target And People Were Understandably Freaking Out

The queen is just like us?

I have mentioned before that when it comes to celebrities, it’s hard to see them like one of us. It’s weird to believe these people who have more than we could dream of are just like us. In some ways they aren’t like us and other ways they really are. And what Beyonce was spotted doing last week proves this theory.

The mother of three young kids, who also happens to be one of the biggest music stars of all time is so successful because she’s hella talented. She’s been working on her singing craft for along time and it seems now that everything she touches turns to gold. Beyonce was even able to make her less-than-amazing jump to acting and people still love it.

With people who have that much awesome oozing through their bodies, it’s strange they do regular people things. Like I said before, it’s almost like the adult version of when you were a kid and spotted your teacher out in the world — outside of school hours. It breaks your brain.

And that’s the reaction many people had when they were at Target and oh, just happened to run into someone… that you would never expect at the department store.

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Devan McGuinness

Devan McGuinness is the Managing Editor of Moms and she's has an odd obsession with useless movie and TV trivia. She's one of the weird ones that reads IMDb trivia instead of watching the movie. When she's not at work you can hear her answering the question "why" twenty-billion times thanks to her four kids. Got something to say? Send me an email at

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