Better Nutrition: 6 Healthy Pizza Recipes


Better Nutrition: 6 Healthy Pizza Recipes

By Jen Reeder

Better nutrition: 6 healthy pizza recipes. Pizza is delicious, though not always kind to your waistline — or your ticker. After all, cheese is the number-one source of artery-clogging saturated fat in the American diet. And if you pile on pepperoni and sausage, you’re looking at 400 calories per slice. Still, pizza doesn’t have to be a diet disaster, says renal dietitian specialist and consultant Susan Weil Ernst, RD, CSR of Scottsdale, Ariz. “It’s important to include comfort-type foods in your diet so you don’t feel deprived,” she says.

Homemade pies can have plenty of nutritional value if you’re willing to go beyond the usual meat-lover toppings. In fact, according to Tad Brown, pizzaiolo and owner of Fired Up Pizzeria in Durango, Co., unprocessed, whole foods and fresh ingredients are the backbone of traditional Naples-style pizza.

Here are six healthier pizza recipes that you can sink your teeth into, guilt-free. But, first, a few rules to bake by:

To cut down on fat intake, Ernst suggests using a moderate amount (roughly 1/4 cup) of low-fat or nonfat cheese, which has calcium to strengthen teeth and bones, and protein to fill you up. Go heavy on vitamin- and phytonutrient-rich vegetables. Lean meats like low-sodium turkey sausage or grilled chicken will keep carnivores happy without the salt and saturated fat.

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