Bethenny Frankel Is Getting Major Heat For Calling Out Kmart Employees Who Speak Spanish

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I grew up in a bilingual home with immigrant parents who always made an effort to speak in two languages to both our sister and I and because of it I have a good appreciation (and huge amount of respect) for those who make the effort to learn a second tongue. While there’s no doubt that English is and always will be the language we speak in our country, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with learning to speak Spanish, French or Mandarin for that matter. We live in a country where hundreds of different languages are spoken and limiting ourselves to just one is really just putting limitations on us as individuals – and it goes both ways, of course.

Now, reality star and single mom Bethenny Frankel is getting major heat for calling out Kmart employees for speaking Spanish while she was trying to buy a pair of snowshoes for her 5-year-old daughter Bryn. Here’s what she wrote on her Twitter account:


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