Autopsy Proves Woman Was Killed by Her Pit Bulls Despite Speculation She Was Murdered

Warning: graphic details.

There are a lot of people who debate about the safety of certain dog breeds. Some say the breeds are all good and it’s the owner who turns the dog dangerous. Others say there are some breeds of dogs that are just dangerous to begin with. Bethany Stephens owned two dogs that are often debated on their safety — pit bulls. She loved her two dogs so when she was found dead after going for a walk with them, her family wanted answers.

22-year-old Bethany Stephens was found in Goochland County, Virginia, after police responded to a call from her father that she did not return home. She was visiting her dad and her two dogs and took them for a walk, but didn’t return.

Police discovered Bethany in the woods where she was walking the dogs, her body was being heavily guarded by the two dogs she had with her.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Sheriff James L. Agnew said during a news conference in December that the deputies had to spend hours trying to get the dogs under control. He estimated each dog weighed as much as Bethany, who was described as being petite, 5-foot-1 and 125 pounds.

The County Animal Control was called in and were able to tranquilize the dogs and bring them in. And that’s when police were able to determine that she was killed by the dogs, but her friends and family had a hard time believing that.

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