Surfer Bethany Hamilton Is Pregnant With Her Second Child

How did you announce you were expecting a baby? Did you come up with a cute and creative way to share the news with your loved ones? Social media wasn’t around when I had my boys; if it was, I’d surely be making Instagram stories and Facebook videos to share the news!

Whether you’re expecting your first child or your 6th, that announcement to friends and family is something that’s fun to think about. You want to make it really exciting and to stand out and being able to share the news on social media is just a bonus. There are so many ways to get the news out there and so many fun ideas to pull from and celebs love to get in on the action just as much as us regular people.

Professional surfer and motivational speaker Bethany Hamilton is making waves again – this time, with an exciting personal announcement.

The surfing mom is expecting another baby! The 27-year-old shared a cute announcement video on her website and social media accounts featuring her son, Tobias, and her husband Adam Dirks.

Bethany Hamilton is Pregnant With Her Second Child
Credit: YouTube/ Bethany Hamilton

Surfer Bethany Hamilton has an announcement

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