Best Phone Apps for Busy Women

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Best Phone Apps for Busy Women

By Catherine Ryan

Best phone apps for busy women. Are you still using your smart phone just for texting friends and updating your Facebook status? Start putting it to work for you by downloading apps that can help you make the most of your jam-packed life. We’ve found five of the most practical — and free! — mobile apps out there, all tested and recommended by busy women.

Gilt on the Go (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry)
Why fight the mall crowds? Gilt gives you sale alerts for hot brands so you can buy a great new necklace or blouse with your phone, then track the order as it makes its way to your home.

“After a long day in front of the computer working, I don’t want to stay in my office to shop online, so I’ll check it as a way to wind down at night — or when I’m in line at the grocery store,” says Beth O’Keefe, a writer in Chicago. “They once had an amazing sale on my favorite flip-flops when I was on a trip without my computer. Thanks to the Gilt app, I didn’t have to miss out.”

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List (iPhone, Android)
Search for the perfect enchilada or chicken noodle soup recipe from this foodie site’s database — which features over 30,000 recipes — and then watch as it creates an aisle-by-aisle ingredients list. Back at home, follow the recipe right from your phone. (No more stained cookbook pages!)

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