These Are The Best And Worst Hangover Cures According To Science

Cause the kids won't let you sleep it off.

It’s that time of year where celebrations are a plenty. For us parents, that means parties. Real parties that don’t involve just partying it up by saying YES NETFLIX when it asks if you’re still watching. Staying up later than we should isn’t the right way to party for the New Year — well, yes, it is… but that’s not the only way to we should be partying. Nope — parties mean drinks if you can and that leads to hangovers. That’s pretty killer for parents because our kids aren’t going to let us sleep in. So we have to be prepared. Get all those hangover cures ready and in the house so that we don’t regret partying it up like we were in college one day out of the year.

Gone are the days in college where we could stay up and drink. Breaking every known rule to avoid a hangover in the first place and still be fine the next day. If you’re a parent now and you try and drink anything that’s offered — mixing your beer with wine and hard liquor and not just sipping — YOU’RE ASKING FOR IT.

So, if you’re parting it up this New Year’s Eve, don’t pretend you can hold up to past college-age you. Don’t do that to yourself, trust me. Instead… heed our advice and stock up o these science backed hangover cures before hand.

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Devan McGuinness

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