Berry Special Party! Strawberry Shortcake Introduces Cherry Jam and her friends the WOTWOTS

Hotmomsclub had the pleasure to help Strawberry Shortcake introduce her New Friend!!! CHERRY JAM and The WOTWOTS who are airing on THE HUB this fall! YOU CAN ENTER in an AMAZING contest!!   Strawberry Shortcake Berry Biggest Talent Show contest … just click on the tab on the left!




Press gathered with their children at GIGGLES N HUGS ( in Century City, CA) for a party they will never forget! The Karaoke, yummy treats, face painting, caricaturist… were just a few of the amazing goodies everyone ENJOYED! Most of all the BERRY BEST part! Was hanging out and singing and dancing with Strawberry Shortcake and the WOTWOTS!







What press found most exciting about this event??? ” They loved the personal time their children got with Strawberry Shortcake and The WOTWOTS it is a memory they will have forever”!






What was something UN-expected from the event? KIDS have been singing the strawberry shortcake song since they left! They just can’t stop!



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