According To Science, Men Who Do The Dishes… Have More Fun

Dish duty is the #1 WORST chore... but for men there's a perk.

When you enter a relationship and then start growing your family there are so many things you learn about your partner. You find out how strong they can be, how they handle stress. The two of you can laugh over what happens to your moods when sleep is removed and screaming baby language enters your world. You figure out how the dynamics of your relationship and your life are going to work out. The two of you, and any kids, walk through life giving and supporting and compromising. There is a division of chores like who will pay bills and who will do the dishes. This division is often not discussed, but it just happens, and then as the years go on, you start to have small changes here and there.

Maybe you move, add more babies, get a job, decide to become a stay at home mom. And that division of chores doesn’t really change. And for many women, who statistically are the ones more likely to handle the needs of the kids and the home, the balance feels off and resentment can set in.

Most of us don’t talk about this, but certain chores, especially for parents, often become a catalyst for friction in our lives. And in our relationships.

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A new study just came out that shares some chores, especially the dishes, has a BIG impact in our happiness …

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