Benedict Cumberbatch Says Christmas And Materialism Has ‘Gone Mad’

Benedict Cumberbatch

Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images for BF

Benedict Cumberbatch is one of my favorite British actors, so of course I’m going to agree with anything he has to say. And while some of his comments have been quite controversial in the past, I will say that he is spot on when it comes to Christmas, kids and the materialism we see today.

The new celebrity father says that Santa Claus and Christmas represents “materialism gone mad” while encouraging parents to spend a little more time with their children rather than buying them toys they’ll end up discarding in only a matter of short time.

Here’s what he wrote in his letter to Santa:

This is what I’d like to ask you to help with. A little more time for children to be children. Stretch the moment of magic and playfulness. Distract them from the realities of a world gone mad so that they can laugh with their breath rather than sob with their tears. Especially those caring for family members, or suffering illness, hunger or poverty. Especially those hiding in buildings as bombs rain down, or being handed shaking with fear or cold into a boat to escape environmental disaster or war. Please help to light up their worlds with a moment of joy and hope.

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