Before She Died, She Strapped Her Baby in a Car Seat and Threw It out the Window

When you have a child, everything in your world changes completely. There is nothing a mama bear wouldn’t do for her little cub, and that includes the ultimate sacrifice of choosing your baby’s life over your own.

Imagine you’re in a life or death situation – how quickly would you react? Would you make sure your child was safe, and then follow? Or would you grab your baby and not let go, even if that meant risking both of your lives?

When you’re faced with a life-threatening situation, your instincts kick in and you just do what you can to save your offspring.

Shelby Carter made a quick decision in one of those terrifying situations – and saved her baby’s life.

We don’t know how much time had passed between the time the 21-year-old new mother realized that her Wyoming, Illinois home was on fire, to the time she decided how to act. Probably seconds, or maybe a minute or two, investigators said.

Carter’s Illinois home was engulfed in flames, and she knew she had to save her 12-day-old newborn.

house fire
Credit: Go Fund Me / Kathy Hardy Family Fund Drive

She quickly decided to put her infant into a car seat and toss the baby from a second-story window.

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Maria Lianos Carbone

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