These Before-And-After Photos Show How Much Your Body Changes From Drinking Less Alcohol

The Changes Really Are Drastic

    Anyone who has ever struggled with their weight knows how hard it is to just get started on a healthier lifestyle. We all know that less alcohol and more water is a start. In fact, the more water the better. While water is simply the healthiest thing we can drink, many of us like to indulge in alcohol from time to time.

    Losing weight seems to be a constant topic of conversation, especially with women. We’re inundated with pictures of perfect women everywhere. It’s hard to eat right when we’re so busy juggling the responsibilities of being a mother. It does help when we see other women make small changes. Many times those small changes make a big difference.

    I’m always more inspired when I see real women posting their success stories on social women than ‘models’. I love to see the small changes women make that make a huge difference. I like to see real world results because I know it’s attainable for myself.

    Jelly Devote is a Spanish influencer on social media who has made a name for herself through her body transformation.Like many women, Jelly considered herself average. It was when she decided she wasn’t happy being average that she made a change.

    Jelly has posted many before and after pictures and cutting out alcohol has made a huge impact on her health and fitness.

    Jelly Devote recently made headlines when she posted a before and after picture of herself on Instagram.


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