These 13+ Tweets From Parents About the Struggle of Bedtime Are Relatable AF

Yawn. I am so tired, but really that shouldn’t come as any kind of surprise. I have kids — four of them — which means sleep is something that I can’t come by very easily and wont for some time yet. As much as I long to get a full night sleep, I dread bedtime because the whole production of trying to get these little kids to brush their teeth and lay their head on a pillow and actually go to sleep never works out like I want it to.

Seriously, it’s like the worst part of my day, when it should be what I look forward to.

Lurkathomemom tweet
Credit: Twitter / @LurkatHomeMom

The struggle of getting your kid to bed is real and solidarity will get us all through.

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Devan McGuinness

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