Bedroom Games Hot Mom Style

Bedroom Games Hot Mom Style

When your best creative energies are going into finding ways to get your kids to clean up after themselves and searching for recipes they’ll eat, it can be hard to get creative connecting sexually with your husband at the end of the day.


After several years together, everybody needs a little something new! The good news is you need not look much further than modifying the games you played all day with the kids. Why not play adult versions of hide and seek, dress up, treasure hunts, and teasing?

One night when grandma has the kids for sleep-over, try a night out of Hide and Seek. Instruct your husband to meet you in a particular place, flirt with you, pick you up and take you home. Choose a name for the night and try on a different persona. Dress up to be dominant, playful, sexy, hard-to-get, young and inexperienced, the cougar – any fantasy you like. Try out personas you’d never live out in real life. Show him a part of you he’s never seen before!

The Treasure Hunt is great for a quick rendez-vous. Leave a trail of notes for your partner from inside the front door. Include on each note an instruction, such as getting something out of the fridge or oven, taking off a particular article of clothing, washing up or prepping for a sexy romp. Each note also leads to a new instruction and destination. By the time your partner finds you, both your libidos will be running high.

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