Family Gets $1.6 Million After 3-Year-Old Is Scarred By Bedbug Bites

It's the Largest Verdict for a Single Family Regarding Bedbugs in History

A family in Los Angeles can finally rest easy, after a terrible chapter of their lives came to a close this week. Liliana Martinez, her husband, and their two children were awarded $1.6 million in a verdict from a bedbug lawsuit. They filed the lawsuit against the owners of their former apartment complex. The family says that a massive infestation of bedbugs in their apartment led to their son, Jorge, being bitten so badly that he still bears the scars almost 8 years later.

They claim that the owners of the complex failed to move quickly enough in eliminating the infestation. Jorge was just 3 years old at the time. He would scratch his bite-riddled arms and legs to the point of bleeding.

The verdict is the biggest award given to a single family in a bedbug case in U.S. history. The jury set aside $880,000 of the total verdict for Jorge for what he went through. Jorge’s arms and legs are scarred from the bites and injuries he sustained while living in the infested apartment. Liliana’s other child, daughter Juanita, was just an infant at the time. She suffered bites on her back as she slept.

The terrible ordeal began 2 years after the family moved into the apartment.

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