Bed Bath & Beyond Is Exchanging Toys ‘R’ Us Gift Cards For Store Credit But You Have To Act Fast!


We have been chatting a lot lately about one of our favorite stores, Toys R Us, closing. It’s sad to see it go and so many of us are now wondering how we can recreate the same memories with our kids that we had when we were little. The anticipation of being able to drive to the store, even though we were told time and again that we were just going to look — there was magic looking at all the toys on the shelves. And if we were really lucky, our parents would get us that toy we screamed at when we saw. And we would leave happy, the happiest ever. Now that we’re parents, the toy store for us is Bed Bath & Beyond and at least that’s sticking around.

toys r us
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The announcement that the store was closing goes beyond just those memories needing somewhere else to foster. Many families have Toys R Us gift cards that have been saved up or gifted. People were wondering what is going to happen to those. Because for many families, that’s how holidays and birthdays are saved for — buying gift cards every other paycheck and saving for the times when you have to cash them in.

The store said they would be honoring them for a little bit and encouraged people to use them. But, now Bed Bath & Beyond is stepping in and offering to help, too.

But you need to act real fast.

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