17 Beautiful Mom Tattoos That Will Bring Your Baby With You Wherever You Go

I'm crying.

Long gone are the days where tattoos were just for scary men who had interesting life stories. Now there are people from all walks of like who have tattoos of every style. Mom tattoos are not unusual anymore and using such a gorgeous experience as inspiration, you are bound to have some great ideas come from them.

If you’re on the hunt for your next tattoo idea and you want to have your children be your inspiration these are for you. Mom tattoos that will allow you to bring a small piece of your baby with you – to take them wherever you go and always have them figuratively by your side.

Scroll through and check out these gorgeous mom tattoos that will make you cry, feel inspired, and itching to make your next tattoo appointment.


1. Hugs And Cuddles


I mean, this is so gorgeous. You can hold your baby in your arms forever

2. Little Dolls


I love this — it’s so cute and really well done.

3. Drawn In


An adorable way to incorporate your kid’s art skills.

4. Drawn For You

I love this one too. The artist did a great job making it look like crayon art.

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Devan McGuinness

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