Be Yourself–A True Statement

Be Yourself–A True Statement

Little babies. We love them. Fat little hands placed just so under a slumbering angel face. Little nakey bums toddling around. As nature intended. Sweet and simple.

You came into this world naked. Not just without clothes, but sans baggage, Prada or otherwise. But yet with all that lacking, you made the loudest statement you could ever make. This is me. Take it or leave it.

“Finding” ourselves is a constant battle throughout our lives. There’s the “leave me alone, I’m finding myself” in your teenage years. The “let’s party, and find ourselves” in college. Your early 20s brought you into the “look at me, I found myself” phase. The late 20s, the “I forgot where I put myself, so I’ll reinvent myself” phase. And my favorite, the 30s which, if you’re lucky, is the “I’ve found myself and I’m here to stay” phase. Hopefully, this is the one that sticks.

In order to make a statement, you first have to strip down to the bare you and decide what you want “you” to say. After all the clothing is gone, all the makeup washed off, are you the person you want to be? Do others see that person loudly and clearly? It’s not always the easiest thing to discover and follow through with. If fact, it’s difficult and takes time (the antithesis of Easy Peasy, I guess). It’s a worthwhile challenge I take on every day, as I strive to be a better wife, writer, woman, daughter, mother, sister and friend.

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