BB Creams or CC Creams? Which One Do you Buy?

Ok, once and for all what is the difference between BB Creams and CC Creams? Most likely you have tried one or the other or maybe you have at least seen them and would like to give them a try; but which one and what does it do? I will break down the difference between the two but it will be up to you to give them a try. Depending on your skin type/tone and your own personal needs one may work better than the other.

maybelline-new-york-dream-fresh-bb-8-in-1-beauty-balm-skin-perfectorLet’s start with BB Creams as those seemed to hit the U.S. market first. BB Creams stand for Beauty Balm. It is most like a tinted moisturizer but with benefits! Most BB creams have skin correcting tinted moisturizers along with  SPS’s and anti-oxidants. They are lighter than a foundation but heavier than a tinted moisturizer. Over time these benefits work to keep your skin looking it’s best. One of the down sides to BB creams is that the color options are limited. You usually get a choice between Light to Medium or Medium to dark shades. Some brands have a wider variety to choose from, so you may have to experiment with a couple different brands to find your perfect skin-tone match. I also find that BB creams work better on complexions that tend to be less oily.

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