This Woman’s Bath & Body Works Candle Exploded and She Ended Up in the ER

I love scented candles. In fact, I have several in different rooms all around my house. I’m also very particular about my candles, their scents and when I use them. I mean, I won’t use a pumpernickel-scented candle in June and I sure wouldn’t use a jellybean-scented one in December. My candles have to match my seasons!

With that being said, I’m also very careful about how I use my candles, too. I’ll immediately blow out a candle if I leave a room and I never, ever fall asleep with lighted candles in my house. And I definitely tell my children to stay away from them, too (because we sure as heck don’t need the fire department visiting us over an avoidable accident). But could you imagine trying to blow out your candle just to have the thing explode in your face? That’s exactly what happened to this woman! And it’s also making me reassess my own candle situation in my house!

Credit: Shutterstock/voyagerix

This woman ended up in the ER over a Bath & Body Works candle!

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