Banana Bread Boys Recipe

Banana Bread Boys
By: Anni Daulter

Author: Organically Raised; conscious cooking for babies & toddlers

During the holiday season, people feel more generous and want to share their good will, and its always fun to include the children in these traditions as they also begin to understand more clearly the spirit of giving to others. Being a mom and a cook, we like to give away food.  I believe that food is a piece of our family legacy and we love to spread that deliciousness around whenever we can.

As parents, its really important to my husband Tim & I to teach our children to be thankful for what we have and to have compassion for those who have less.  A few winters ago, the boys started, “banana bread boys” where they gather a bunch of boys and make banana bread for the homeless who live at our nearby Venice Beach, and then deliver them during the holidays.  The boys end up talking with some of the folks they give the bread out to and learn a little bit about their personal stories. This has become a tradition that deepens our connection to our local community and reminds us to live every day in gratitude.

Banana Bread is a simple and easy gift to make and share with those you love and appreciate and maybe even a random act of kindness.  Make sure to include even your littlest helpers as they like to be involved in spreading good will, and making a banana flour filled mess.

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