A Ban Glitter Movement Might Happen Thanks To Scientists And Their New Warnings

Ban Glitter? Scientists are saying yes

Ban glitter: two words that my pre-tween daughter never wants to hear, but there’s a strong possibility that it might happen.

Ever since my children could hold crayons in their hands, they’ve always insisted on doing little art projects at home on the weekends with me. Sure, I love shopping at Michaels and buying fun supplies for our projects but I honestly never realize just how much work it is to clean up our mess once everything is done. And the be honest with you, our art projects never come out the way they are supposed to look like (especially the ones you see on Pinterest!).

But if there’s one thing that my children love to play with the most, it’s glitter. I don’t know who thought it would be a great idea to invent it, but you almost see it every way in the form of pixie dust, confetti, hair spray and so much more. My daughter used to have a teacher that would put glitter in her students’ hair. Let me tell you, it was a pain trying to get it out!

And now scientists are looking to spark a Ban Glitter movement and for a very good reason, too. Here’s what you need to know.

Rejoice, Mamas: say goodbye to glitter forever!

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