Balancing Baby and the Boss

Balancing Baby and the Boss

By: Lissa Mitchell

After reading baby books, prior to the birth of my daughter, then frantically working out with other Fit Moms to get my body back in shape…next came the biggest challenge of motherhood…going back to work and trying to manage that thing they call work/life balance.

I was a career woman before Ava, my 21 month old daughter arrived on the scene and was determined to continue my climb up the corporate ladder. After all – men don’t slow down or take a step back in their careers after they become parents so why would I?

But who could have perceived the challenges of balancing baby, husband, work, husband, life, husband and me time? Yes, we will touch on the husband situation later.

There are a million books on how to raise a baby, how to balance this or that – but until you have to face this situation nothing can prepare you for the insanity that is about to become your so-called-life.

As a business woman, I have always prided myself on my organizational skills, and that is probably what has kept me sane over the course of the last 16 months. Yes, as an overachiever, I returned back to work when Ava was just 5 months old. Some of my fellow mommy friends thought this was too quick, others secretly lived vicariously through me.

Let me tell you now there is no such thing as balance. The pendulum swings one way or the other.

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