That Back Beat In Your Favorite Backstreet Boys Song Was Actually A Fart Sound

Really Gives New Meaning to 'Sick Beat'

Once upon a time, boy bands ruled the world. And one of the reigning kings of boy bands were the Backstreet Boys. 5 guys, all moderately-to-very hot, all extremely talented. Houses were definitely divided over who was the best boy band: Backstreet or *NSync. Friendships were tested, relationships forever changed. You could side with one or the other. You could secretly like them both (we all did), but your public allegiance had to be declared. I myself was a *NSync girl. But Backstreet Boys were good! You really couldn’t go wrong with any of the catchy tunes and amazing dance routines, no matter which side of the aisle you sat on.

But in a recent interview, AJ McLean of BB came clean about an interesting part of one of their most popular songs. “The Call” was a banger back in the day, and we all danced and sang into our hairbrush when it came on. So this information is a little shocking, but A LOT hilarious. Turns out, that crazy back beat in the song has a little extra somethin’ somethin’ that you would never expect. Let’s just say Howie Donough really let it all out during recording.

During an interview with Billboard, AJ spilled the beans on a long-held Backstreet Boys secret…

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