Back Seat Boogie

Back Seat Boogie

I had my first memorable orgasm in the back seat of a car — my high school beau’s mom’s red Chrysler Magnum: white vinyl interior, bucket seats. 

“Parking” was pretty much a rite of passage where I grew up. There was excitement in squeezin’ your half-dressed butt through the bucket seats into the back once you crossed the point of no return up front. All that naked skin and vinyl, metal ashtrays up your backside, the starlit view — that chance you might get caught.

It was also easier back then. Not just because we had a labyrinth of dead-end country roads at our disposal, but I can’t imagine trying to do the nasty in the back of a Neon. At the height of my car-sex days, most kids were cruising around in Plymouth Furies and Oldsmobiles, cars known for their luxurious legroom. Even a Chevy Nova would do in a pinch.

I knew an era was coming to an end when I tried to get it on with a guy in the back of an Acadian hatchback in my last year of high school.

Sadly, I guess, when it comes to sex in cars, size matters.

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten naked in a back seat with anyone. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t had a few memorable moments en route. Tinted windows are a wonderful thing.

Cars and sex have always gone hand in hand.

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