Baby Survives After Being Shot by a Bullet While Still in His Mother’s Womb

I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again and believe me I’ll keep saying it: gun violence should have no place in modern society. While some people might say that I’m being realistic, I would love to live in a gun-free world. Trust me when I say we can do without the senseless violence. I know a lot of critics say that people kill people, but guns often destroy families and their lives.

That’s why so many people are shocked over this horrific incident that occurred in Brazil just one short week ago. A 29-year-old pregnant woman went shopping for her newborn baby’s crib when she was caught in a shootout between drug traffickers and police officers in Rio de Janeiro. She was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital where her baby was delivered via emergency caesarean.

And while the baby survived the shooting, the mother is still praying for all the hope and strength she needs right now as her baby’s future is still uncertain.

baby shot in womb

After getting shot in the womb, here’s why this baby might be a paraplegic.

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