‘Baby Scan Nails’ Are Becoming A Global Trend

Would you rock this look?

    I love having my nails done, but for whatever reason I can’t seem to get myself to get anything fancy when it comes to paint or design. The last time I had them done, a few weeks ago, I went “bold” for me and got a light purple tone. Really not fancy at all but for me it was outside the norm. Other people get amazing designs of fun actual bold colors, bedazzled jewels, and the latest is baby scan nails.

    Yes, people are getting their nails done to honor their babies. Not talking about the painting to reveal the gender. That’s been done time and again. And it’s hard to come up with a way to inspire new trends when it comes to nails. Often, that’s done through whatever the celebrities are doing.

    kylie jenner
    Credit: Instagram / @kyliejenner

    The Kardahsian / Jenner family likes nails shaped long and pointy. Then that’s what other people do. Then we see celebrities move to smaller manicures so that becomes trend.

    This new global trend is picking up and I don’t doubt we will see the pregnant celebrities rock these soon because these baby scan nails are cute AF.

    And it’s all thanks to one super creative nail technician who is probably getting a whole lot of requests for just this.

Devan McGuinness

Devan McGuinness is the Managing Editor of HMC and she's has an odd obsession with useless movie and TV trivia. She's one of the weird ones that reads IMDb trivia instead of watching the movie. When she's not at work you can hear her answering the question "why" twenty-billion times thanks to her four kids. Got something to say? Send me an email at devan@hotmomsclub.com

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