Here Are The Top 10 Baby Names In Your State

You’ll never guess what they are!

    Baby names are hot on everyone’s minds, and that’s because new moms and dads want to make sure that they are picking out the right and best monikers for their new bundles of joy.

    A lot of people will agree that where you live or where you grew up definitely shapes you into the person you are as an adult. After all, someone who grew up on the California coast might have nothing in common with someone from West Virginia. What’s more, someone who grew up in the Northeast (think Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island), might have very different political and personal views and even family values than someone who grew up in New Jersey.

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that each state has a different taste when it comes to their favorite baby names for their little boys and girls. While some of these names keep repeating from state to state, you’d be surprised to see how much each region of the country differs from the other.

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