Court Bans New Parents From Giving Their Daughter A ‘Boy’ Name

Gender confusion?

One of the more fun things about expecting a baby is doing the checklist rundown of what you should name your baby. You have a list for each gender and maybe one that would work for either or any and it’s one of the biggest first decisions. When choosing a baby name, there are a lot of opinions on baby names and what is acceptable and what isn’t. I don’t think there is one name out there that everyone can agree is a good one. Someone will always hate it for one reason or another. There are parents who like the traditional ones and super formal. Others like stranger names or even ones you make up. I have what is considered a unisex name and those are my favorite.

Opinions on baby names run like crazy. We see it in real time when a celebrity has a baby and announces their new baby name. Apple? People were like NOPE. Coco? NOPE. Chicago or North or Dreamy or Stormi… yeah, people were not feeling any of those names either.

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They are unique, for sure, but parents can name their baby what they want… mostly. Not everywhere. One couple had to go through the courts after the name they gave to their little daughter was seen as “not in the best interest” and they were required to change the name.


The court said the baby name was going to cause gender confusion.

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