Baby Making – How to get him into it!

We have spent the last two years making films in the US, Australia and the UK about becoming a dad.  I’ve learnt a lot about the dynamics of men and women as they progress through conception, pregnancy and birth and I’ve decided that my new mission is to help women, help their men be better pregnancy and birth partners and ultimately better dads.

So – where to start? Well my very good friends let’s get to the very crux of the parenting matter –  conception & sex.  Ok for some conception is a walk in the park and seems to happen as easy eating a bowl of cereal in the morning but for most of us it takes time. One of the most common “mis-conceptions” is that baby making is easy and fun but for most couples it can become a NIGHTMARE really fast.

How can make your life easier and increase the chances of getting him to perform in the bedroom to get you – up the Duff?

There are so very important do’s and don’ts that every woman out there NEEDS to know to get the best performance from their steed. How can you keep him on the job at the crucial times without turning what should be everyone’s favourite past time into an experience to rival milking time at the dairy?

I’ve prepared a list of the TOP TEN Being Dad tips – a stairway to conception if you will.

•1.       He’s spent his whole life trying not to get women pregnant – this requires a significant mind shift

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