Baby Girl Brought To Hospital With 35 Broken Bones, Foster Parent Charged

The baby was only 2 months old.

My heart is breaking for this little baby. When we bring a child into this world we have a duty to protect them, to keep them safe from harm. And to never be the person who is responsible for creating that harm. When you become a foster parent, in charge of caring for the babies and children who need even extra love, care, and attention. that becomes even more important. There are some really amazing foster parents out there who are doing their big part to heal the world one baby or child at a time. The difference they can have on the lives of these vulnerable children is huge.

That’s why this little girl brought to the hospital at the hands of her foster father is heartbreaking. It’s devastating enough that this one was hurt, and the way the baby was hurt is next level awful. But, for some reason, to me the person being allegedly responsible for this damage to the sweet little girl being a foster parent adds a new level of anger.

A little baby is recovering after her foster mom took her to the hospital when the grandmother noticed some suspicious marks on the baby’s body. What mom and the hospital staff discovered is not what they expected and it’s pretty heartbreaking.

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Devan McGuinness

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