Parents Are Giving Their Babies Solid Food Too Soon, According To New Study

Solids Shouldn't Be Introduced Before 6 Months Old

Babies don’t come with any kind of manual or rule book, so a lot of parents just sort of wing it. Especially with your first one! Sure, there are “guidelines” to follow, and more baby advice books than are necessary. But when it comes to making decisions about your baby, a lot of parents just follow their gut. This seems especially true when it comes to baby food and feeding your child.

Breast milk or formula, store-bought baby food or homemade – there are so many choices and decisions parents have to make. But, according to a new study, some parents may be tackling feeding decisions earlier than experts recommend.

WHO and UNICEF recommend exclusive breastfeeding (or formula, fed is fed) for the first six months of a baby’s life. The organizations don’t recommend introducing any sort of solids until at least 6 months old. And those solids should be given as supplemental feeding, in conjunction with continued breast or formula feeding.

But a new study reveals that some parents are giving their babies baby food and other drinks as early as 4 months old. A larger portion of parents started at around 5 months. It’s a really tricky thing to figure out, and many parents feel their babies are ready for solids before the recommended age. But are they?

Introducing solids too early can mean babies miss vital nutrients in breast milk or formula…

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