Baby’s Ear Piercing Nightmare Is Making People Question What Is Safe

It all ended with security getting involved.

There are some things in the parenting world that will anger people if you just talk about it. A lot of these topic center around what we do with our children that have been deemed worthy of needing to infuse another opinion into it. That’s often things like sleep training, co-sleeping, or even ear piercing. There are people who stand on either side of the issue and hold steady that what they feel is the right way. Often though there is no right way — just whatever works best for your family with the best intentions and safety in mind. Some things are different rule wise than before and that can cause confusion.

When it comes to ear piercing, it’s a family decision. There will always be people who feel strongly against this for their own reasons. But when mom and dad decide this is what they want for their child, they should have access to a safe way to have it done.

One mom did her research to find out what safe options are available for her 2-month-old daughter. When she did that and took her child to get their ear’s pierced, she left upset, angry and shocked. Because everything that could go wrong, did go wrong, to levels I didn’t think was possible.

And she’s speaking out to share what happened to her daughter’s ear piercing.

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Devan McGuinness

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