New Study Reveals Babies Who Look Like Dad At Birth Are Healthier

Well then.... OK?

During pregnancy, a lot of time is spent wondering who your baby is going to be and who they are going to look like. We try to imagine them with our eyes and our partner’s nose. Or our hair color with their eye color. We look at old baby photos of ourselves and wonder which our baby is going to take after more. And then once they are born, looking at their features — both big and small — is one of the first things we do. And then we try to figure out who they look like. Do they look more like you or dad?

Many mothers want to have a child who looks like them. I’m not sure what it is, but there is something special about having a child who you know is definitely you. They look like you and act like you. It’s weird and interesting. It’s just as fun seeing a mini version of the person you love.

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We love our kids no matter what or who they look like more.

But, an interesting new study says that if your child looks like your partner they are going to be a healthier and happier baby at one year old.

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