Keeping Babies “Too Clean” Could Have Serious Long-Term Health Consequences

Get them dirty, mamas!

    Babies who are too clean might be bad for their health, according to a new study. Medical experts claim that keeping babies as clean as possible (which is something many parents do) prevents them from being exposed to germs. And as a result, this might increase their chances of developing leukemia and other diseases.

    Now, I know as a mother I did my best to make sure my children were always clean and scruffy from the first day they were born. Hey, I did my best. Heck, even to this day I can’t stand the sight of a dirty ice cream and chocolate covered mouth, as it makes me just want to get a napkin and clean up the whole mess!

    What’s more, I never really liked it when my kids got “too dirty” by playing in dirt, mud and so on. And it’s not because I didn’t want them to have fun. It was more because I didn’t want to clean up the mess afterwards.

    Well, it looks like I was totally in the wrong and I might have actually been doing my babies more harm than good by keeping them clean at all times.

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