‘Average’ Guy Keeps Photoshopping Himself Into Celebrities’ Lives

There’s no denying there is a fascination with celebrities and their lives likely because it seems so different from our own. It’s hard to imagine what they do with all that money, their fame, and what they would be like as a friend.

One guy got tired of imagining and decided to use his imagination instead to infuse himself into the luxurious lives of celebrities through their photos. He’s a master of Photoshop and humor because adding himself to those everyday celebrity photos — from fashion shoots to candid Instagram selfies — he’s done it all.

Average Rob, a Belgian artist, is anything but average thanks to his super famous friends.

average rob
Credit: Instagram / @averagerob

Scroll through to indulge your love of all things celebrity and give yourself a very needed and much deserved laugh.

He Came in Like a Wrecking Ball

So nasty… 😕 @mileycyrus #LadBibleThis

A post shared by Average Rob (@averagerob) on

This version makes a lot more sense as to why the singer has her tongue out.

Wind Machine


This explains a lot about this photo.

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