5-Year-Old With Nonverbal Autism Shocks Mom With ‘Mama’ And It Will Melt Your Heart

This is the story we all needed for Mother's Day

    Here’s an absolutely heartwarming story just in time for Mother’s Day! Parents of kids with autism and other special needs deal with things that many of us will never truly understand. The spectrum of autism disorders is very broad. Some kids struggle with behavioral or physical limitations. Other kids have sensory disorders. And some kids are on the more severe end of the spectrum, with some pretty substantial limitations. Briana Blankenship’s 5-year-old daughter Taylor is one of these kids.

    Taylor is nonverbal, and doctors told Briana that she may never speak. I can’t imagine being told that you’ll likely never hear the sound of your own child’s voice. But Briana got the most beautiful gift she could ever receive recently, when Taylor found that voice and said “mama”.

    Briana shared a video on her Facebook page of the momentous occasion. It’s so amazing! I cried watching it, as I’m sure you will, too. As the parent of two neuro-typical children, there are so many things that I’ve realized I take for granted. Something as simple as your child calling you “mama” can mean the world to a mother who hadn’t heard it before, and never thought she would.

    This video will melt your heart, and make you cherish every single moment you have with your own kiddos.

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