Audrey Roloff Was Trolled HARD For What She Wore To Her Daughter’s Doctor Appointment

She just can't win

Mom shaming has been out of control for a while now, but it seems like the semi-famous reality star moms tend to get the worst of it.

We know if a celebrity posts a picture of their child in a car seat, the sanctimommies and internet trolls will run out of the woodwork to criticize everything from the brand of car seat, size of car seat, position of the straps and anything else you could think of, but don’t you find that the Duggars and those Teen Mom moms tend to get more than their fair share of trolling?

I mean, I promise you people worry more about pictures of celebrities’ babies in car seats than they do about their own kids.

Audrey Roloff is no stranger to mom shaming herself. The new mom, who is married to Little People Big Worldstar Jeremy Roloff, is learning the hard way that no matter what she does with her daughter Ember, from how she dresses her daughter to how she dresses herself, someone will have a problem with it!

Roloff is a very proud and excited new mom, and like every other new mom in the world, she seems to love to share pictures of her 2 month old daughter, Ember on her social media accounts.

Clearly Audrey is loving the mom the life, posting pictures of herself and her husband enjoying all of Ember’s milestones, and for some reason people seem to feel like they can comment on the silliest things when it comes to her pictures.

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