People Are Slamming Audrey Roloff For Putting ‘Too Much Pressure’ On Her 2-Month-Old Baby

I think people are laying the pressure on her

There is no question that the moment you become a mother your whole world changes. There are things about parenthood and motherhood that you understand in theory, but it’s not until you’re holding that baby in your arms, looking into their eyes, that you feel the gravity of this new role.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed, to feel worry, to look into the future and wonder who this little person is going to become. And feel the weight of all that and your role in their life. It’s an amazing thing, hard to explain, but oh so amazing.

Celebrities are no different. Yes, they lead exciting lives without having to worry about money too much and have a large platform to share their amazing journey with. But, they still feel all those feelings. It can get overwhelming, and it’s powerful and people can be jerks about it.

Audrey Roloff, star of Little People, Big World, welcomed her first child with husband Jeremy in September of this year. Little Ember, an adorable baby girl, joined their family and looking through her social feeds it’s clear they are both head over heels in love.

She shares photos and wishes for her little girl on her social media pages, with inspiring words, and gorgeous photos. But, her latest photo had some people questioning her words and accusing the new mom of putting too much pressure on her 2-month-old daughter.

Click through to see the photo and the “pressure” she was laying on in her words.

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