Audrey Roloff Felt “Robbed” During Her Breastfeeding Struggles

We can so relate.

    One of the coolest things about being a new mom, or even having your second, third or more children are the experiences that come with it. Motherhood is filled with so many of them. Good experiences, bad experiences, moments we have yearned to experience, as well as so many things that come our way that are completely unexpected. Every day is different and every journey it different. But sometimes, there are things that we look forward to, like breastfeeding, that don’t go anywhere near what we had imagined in our minds.

    Like many of us, Audrey Roloff, had an expectation of this experience and instead felt robbed of how she had intended these moments on bonding to go.

     Audrey Roloff on breastfeeding

    If you are a fan of TLC’s Little People, Big World you know that wife to Jeremy Roloff,  Audrey Roloff is a big supporter of breastfeeding. In a recent episode, she opened up to everyone about how she felt really “robbed” whenever her first few weeks of both motherhood and breastfeeding didn’t go as planned. I mean…we can all relate to feeling this way.

    On Instagram, she shared, “With all the issues I endured in those first few months, we were told that we’d never be able to exclusively breastfed. Yet here we are hitting the 90th percentiles on pure mama milk! This post is not to discourage anyone whose journey looked different than mine, I’m simply praising God for fulfilling this desire of my heart. Breastfeeding is a blessing, but I understand that it’s not always a choice. Rock on mamas🤘🏻don’t compare your story to mine or anyone else’s. “Consider it joy” for wherever God has you on your motherhood journey. Tag a mama who you admire in the comments and tell them why!”🤱🏼 #emberjean#motherhood ps the fish are on the wall on in my hair lol 🤣”

Allison Cooper

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