At What Age Can Kids Ride Public Bus Alone?

Do your kids walk to school or take the school bus?

Our kids’ elementary school is just a minute away from our front door. The convenience is amazing; the kids can walk home for lunch if they want, and then run back to the school yard for recess. During the winter, they never have to miss going to school because of a snow day.

But when they go to high school, they may have to take the bus – public transit, that is.

A single father of five from Vancouver is speaking out after being told his children can’t ride public transit together without adult supervision.

Adrian Crook’s four kids who range in age from seven to 11, would ride on a city bus from downtown Vancouver to their school on the North Shore every morning.

The trip would take 30 minutes and was about 13-kilometres away.  The children always carried a cellphone with them.

“This was a thing that I planned for a while,” Crook said. “I sold our car and I talked to TransLink to make sure there was no minimum age, and they informed me that it was a parental discretion issue.”

Credit: GoFundMe / Let Responsible Kids Take Transit

The dad is speaking out because he’s not sure why this is a problem.

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