At-Home Winter Workouts

At-Home Winter Workouts

Winter. Some places in the country have no problem with this season. Summer is warm. Winter is not as warm. When you go for a jog outside in January, you might need to wear a T-shirt instead of a tank top. Oh cry for you.

As a New Englander, I’m familiar with the panic that creeps in with the beginning of February. You’ve already been inside for two months straight. And there’s no end in sight. You get into the swing of your “drop 10 lbs” resolution and a snow storm hits. Under mounds of snow, your car is shaking its head. Not going anywhere for a while. The walls are closing in on you, so you might as well avert your eyes and stick your face in a container of fudge.

Gym memberships are great, but what do you do when the weather doesn’t permit the shlep? Simple. Turn on the TV.

Exercise TV OnDemand (Comcast)

Who knew that when I pay for my cable bill every month, I’m buying a gym membership. That must be why they charge so much! From 30-day weight loss challenges to 10-minute intense workouts, calming breathing techniques to yoga chill-outs, you can customize your exercise program. You can even invite celebrity fitness gurus into your home–Carmen Electra, Jillian Michaels, even the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.


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