Parents Warned To Stay Indoors Due To Potentially Fatal “Thunder Fever”

Thunder Fever is created by thunder storms and high pollen count

    OK, two things come to mind here. First, I’m pretty thankful that I don’t have asthma. And second, I’m REALLY glad I don’t live somewhere thunder fever happens. Experts in the UK are warning asthma sufferers to stay indoors this weekend, when weather and pollen conditions could create a potentially deadly phenomenon called thunder fever. They’re also advising people with asthma to have their medication at the ready, in case they experience a sudden flare-up of symptoms.

    What exactly is thunder fever?

    The term was coined by Max Wiseberg in 2016. Wiseberg is the founder of a company that makes drug-free allergen barrier balms. In an article in UK tabloid Express in 2016, Wiseberg said, “Imagine a day when everything happens as usual, but after the pollen has risen above head height it starts raining. So the air cools a bit and the rain and the air movement brings all that pollen back to head height in bucket loads. Wallop! Here comes your hay fever again! So your hay fever happens at the wrong time. It’s upside down hay fever.”

    Wiseberg continued, “Thunder storms can make it even worse – I call it Thunder Fever.”

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