Asheville, North Carolina’s Pizza and Burgers

 Asheville, North Carolina’s Pizza and Burgers

Here I am again, yappin’ about Asheville, NC ; ) There is just to much good food to not tell you about!! So make sure you keep this info handy if you’re ever passin’ through or passin’ time in this healthy, mountainous munch fest of a town!

If you want to catch dinner and a movie, Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company is the spot. And I don’t mean, dine and dash to the theatre. I mean dine and eat IN the theatre! This kitschy theatre turned brew and chow house is a fun spot for kids and adults alike. Come order a veggie pizza, healthy sandwich or whatever you fancy while dining at a table in front of the silver screen. Really a great place to hang out and get some fun food with your flick! Find out more at the Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company site.

Burgermeisters is a cool eatery in West Asheville that caters to omnivores and lettuce eaters alike. My buddies and I all dined happily at this joint while taking in the cool decor. I devoured my grilled tofu philly sandwich and salad. I was delighted to see that they hand cut their own potatoes for fries and mix sweet potatoes in with russets – yum! Their chips are also home made among a variety of other delicious menu items. No one will leave Burgermeisters hungry, just happy!

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Carolyn Scott

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