Are you healing or are you drugging?

A drug (aka medication) is a chemical substance that has biological effects on humans. Even if you take just one over-the-counter mediation for a simple headache it has 10 potential side effects. If you take two drugs it is not 1+1 but 10×10 or 100 as the effects multiply now. If you take three drugs that’s 1,000 side effects. If you are on 9 medications that’s 1 BILLION side effects happening in your body right now!

Treating a chronic disease with drugs is no healing. This includes hypertension, arthritis, high blood sugar, colitis, fibromyalgia, bronchitis, thyroid issues, digestive issues, auto-immune, inflammation-based diseases along with it’s additional 40,000 disease variations and ever growing number of new diseases.

This is called drugging. Many say that it is just masking the symptoms but it is far more serious than that. Not only you are not healing the actual disease but now you are also manufacturing another disease somewhere else in the body. You might not notice it right away and enjoy the temporary relief by thinking all is clear and good until a new condition appears and you find yourself in a vicious cycle of drugging. The truth is that no one can escape the laws of biology and it is only a matter of time.

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